Red Jacket
Type Firearms
Founded 1999 [1]
Located 9683 Mammoth Ave.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70814
Products Custom firearms
refurbished firearms
firearms retail
Key people Will Hayden (Founder/Owner)
Joe Meaux (COO)

Red Jacket logo

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Red Jacket was founded by Will Hayden, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was officially opened in 1999. At first Red Jacket started after Will got out of the marines and opened a small constrution and commercial ref
rigeration business. He then opened a side business: an Army Surplus and Firearms Store. That soon

spawned into Red Jacket. As of 2003 Will's daughter Stephanie has been a business partner and manager. The store now includes Kris Ford as the apprentice, Joe Meaux as a gunsmith, Glenn Fleming (a.k.a. Flem) as their welder, Charile Watson as their gun expert and Glen Harison as Red Jackets unofficial historic weapons exspert.

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